Bethany Tooke

Bethany has been coaching for the Action Volleyball Club since 2014. She coaches for Crofton House School and has worked for Volleyball BC for 5 years.  Bethany continues to play volleyball in her extra time and is working on finishing up her Level 1 coaching certification.

Mari Wong

Mari is new to the Action coaching team this year. Mari has been playing volleyball since the age of 10 and actually competed for Action for 4 years playing every position (except middle!). Mari has experience coaching all levels of high school volleyball with both girls and boys teams. Currently she is coaching the Action Atomic program. Mari is in her first year at Douglas College business program.

Jasper Singian

Jasper grew up in Vancouver where he played for Windermere Secondary and Apex Volleyball Club. He continued his passion for health and wellness by studying at Douglas College where he got his Bachelor’s of Physical Education and Coaching. While learning how to become an effective leader, Jasper assisted and head coached Air Attack Volleyball Club for two seasons (Boys U15 and U16). Jasper continues to play competitively in various indoor and outdoor leagues/tournaments.

Fun Fact: Jasper finds joy trying to be proficient in playing every position in volleyball. He is most experienced as a setter however this flexibility ultimately allows him to become a better player and teammate on the court.

Andrew Bustamante

Andrew has been coaching with Action Volleyball since 2009. Andrew is heavily involved in coaching at the high school and club level and currently teaches in the Delta School District. Along with his years of playing in the club system he also played college volleyball at Douglas College. Andrew is a Certified Level 1 Coach.

Eugene Naldoza

Eugene is a new coach joining the Action team this season. He has been involved in volleyball of his life, starting out playing in the backyard against his family! Eugene has competed at the high school varsity level as a setter and continues to play recreationally in adult leagues. Eugene has a strong passion for the game and loves that it is a true team sport.

Dania Robinson

Dania grew up in Burnaby and played for various club teams including Action Volleyball Club in its inaugural year in 2006. Prior to coaching at Action, she coached at Burnaby Central Secondary, Moscrop Secondary, Volleyball BC Atomic Program, and Ducks Volleyball Club. Dania continues to play volleyball and constantly looks to improve her skills as a setter.

Deanna Sue

Deanna grew up in Burnaby where she played at Moscrop Secondary. She has coached volleyball for various age groups at the elementary, high school and adult levels. She hopes to continue to share her passion for volleyball with everyone!

Denny Lee

Denny is a competitive athlete who enjoys playing all sports, including ice hockey, golf, snowboarding and more, but his favourite is volleyball. Denny began playing volleyball for Vancouver Technical Secondary in ’93 and continues to play competitively both indoor and outdoor.  Prior to joining Action, he coached teams at Eric Hamber Secondary and the Apex Volleyball Club.

Fun Fact: Denny was a cheerleader and President of the Simon Fraser University cheerleading club.  He has competed both national and international competitions.

Mecayla Mendoza

Mecayla grew up in Burnaby playing with Action Volleyball Club for 5 years. She’s coached volleyball in both high school and elementary school level and continues to play in indoor leagues.